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The Battle of Hogwarts took place just months ago and with it, the end of Voldemort's second reign of terror. Magical creatures are scarcely found around the United Kingdom and Muggleborns are nearly depleted in numbers. Purebloods are almost just as bad off, as it would seem Halfbloods survived the best in odds.

After much debate with the new Ministry of Magic, new classes have been added and some old ones removed. The school has finally reopened after months of rebuilding, and students will return to hopefully rekindle the magical school to its former glory. Hogwarts will never be the same again, or will it? The new generation of students have arrived. The year 1998 will hopefully be a better year than the past few.

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    Be on your toes as you explore the Greenhouses. At first, the Greenhouses are not so bad, full of wonderful magical creatures to learn about and start studying the mysteries of Herbology with. But sooner or later, you'll have to begin to hold nastier, meaner, more dangerous beings, only meant to be handled by those more experienced with the help of a Professor.

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    Herbology Course...
    Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:38 am
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    A quadrangle in Hogwarts Castle. A covered stone cloister with an open colonnade runs around it, and two checkpoint towers flank its entryway via the Viaduct. Here is a stone walkway leading from this courtyard into The Quad. The courtyard is partially paved, in a cross pattern. A popular hang-out spot for students of all Houses, this courtyard is where some students spend their spare time playing Gobstones.

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    The dark waters of the Black Lake are the welcoming sight to each and every first year here at Hogwarts; it is on its waters that they see the castle for the first time. But the lake is full of more magic than just witnessed that one night -watch out for the Giant Squid, be sure that the mermaids don’t lure you under the inky waters, and surely, if you look closely, you may see the remains of a fish rumored to have once belonged to an old Professor, that met an unfortunate fate a while back.

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    The Cards You We...
    Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:35 am
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    It is here that brave witches and wizards make or break it out on the field. The freshly cut grass, the three large hoops on either side of the field, and the excitement that permeates the air whenever someone steps onto the pitch are all things that make up Hogwarts' finest sports. Feel free to drift around on your broom, but do be cautious not to try and perform dastardly tricks like the Wronski Feint. Our nurse doesn't take too kindly to having to patch up bones and bruises from something that could have been easily avoided.

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    The very name warns you away, yet many a student strays into the Forbidden Forest. Home to some of the most dangerous creatures around Hogwarts, only those excelling in Care of Magical Creatures should ever go into the forest without the groundskeeper or a professor – and ONLY with permission and preparation.

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    The Whomping Willow is a very valuable, very violent species of magical plant. Whomping Willows attack anyone and anything that comes within range of its branches. A deciduous plant, its limbs function as arms and any damage to them must be treated in much the same way. STUDENTS STAY AWAY. You were warned.

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    Funny, I Remembe...
    Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:36 pm
    Roger Davies View latest post

    The Stone Circle is, as its name suggests, a circle of giant stones that is on the grounds of Hogwarts just outside of the Covered Bridge (which was completely destroyed during the great war that occured at Hogwarts). The circle is a sundial.

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