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The Battle of Hogwarts took place just months ago and with it, the end of Voldemort's second reign of terror. Magical creatures are scarcely found around the United Kingdom and Muggleborns are nearly depleted in numbers. Purebloods are almost just as bad off, as it would seem Halfbloods survived the best in odds.

After much debate with the new Ministry of Magic, new classes have been added and some old ones removed. The school has finally reopened after months of rebuilding, and students will return to hopefully rekindle the magical school to its former glory. Hogwarts will never be the same again, or will it? The new generation of students have arrived. The year 1998 will hopefully be a better year than the past few.

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Herbology Course Outline - First Years.

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Herbology Course Outline - First Years.

Post by Darcy Harlow Cody on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:38 am

First Year: Practical class. Lecture based class or Test (either practical or written.)

1 - Practical on Aconite

2 - Test (practical) Incendio Spell on Devils Snare

3 - Practical on Fanged Geranium's

4 - Lecture based on Poisonous Plants

5 - Practical on Gurdyroot 

6 - Lecture based lesson on Alihotsy Shrub

7 - Practical on Belladonna preparation

8 - Lecture based lesson on the use of plants in wands, wand wood.

9 - Test (written) on all plants studied throughout the year.

10 - Practical on one of the plants studied in the year. (Student choice.)

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