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Age :
Birthday :
August 13
Blood Status :
Hometown :
New York
Year :
First Year
Play by :
Greg Nawrat
Others :
Family :
Grandfather : Hunter Maverick Sinclair (deceased)
Grandmother : Lauren Valentina Sinclair
Father: Warner Anthony Sinclair
Mother: Celeste Maeson Sinclair
Siblings : Damon Jeremiah Sinclair (eldest brother)
Nate Isaac Sinclair
Uncles : Nicholas James Sinclair
Luther Vincent Sincalir
Remmy Deacon Blood
Aunts: Harper Lawrence Blood
Isabella May Sinclair
Cousins : Alexandria Kaye Sinclair,
Theo Rochester Sinclair,
Sage Winslow Blood,
Riven Xavier Blood,
Zander Matthew Blood,
Liam Denver Sinclair,
Haven Salistina Sinclair
Christian Leo O'Rourke
...and many more.
Autobiography :
The Sinclairs are a prominent wizarding family based in New York. They are known for their world-renown Corporation that not only caters wizards but muggles too. Being a business man by heart, Donovan Sinclair, the founder of the Sinclair Corporation, opened a luxury hotel that used to be exclusive only to wizards and witches who wanted to escape the city life for a couple of days and enjoy the five-star facilities that the hotel could provide. Being the cunning and instinctively foresighted man that he was, Donovan decided to expand his business and build hotels that accepted muggles as well. With the sudden increase of their popularity and success, the company soon started growing and currently sits as one of the biggest economic giants to date.

Evan Sinclair is the the son of Warner Anthony Sinclair who is the current CEO and Chairperson of the Corporation. Evan being the youngest of three brothers has always been the one who had to follow in his older brothers' footsteps. But guess what; he doesn't want to. The thought of being bossed around and forced to walk a road he didn't want to stumble into never held much appeal to him. Sure his brothers were at the top of their classes in the Wizarding School they had at New York. Evan could've easily taken up their standard, but he didn't want to. Even at a young age, he was forced to take up private lesson before he could even understand a word of what his professors were saying. By the time he was old enough to actually get anything, he lost any interest in any of his lessons. That didn't stop him from taking them though, even when Evan was secretly wishing he could escape it all and actually have a childhood.

His prayers were answered when one summer his uncle, Nicholas Sinclair, invited Evan to stay with him at their Manor at London. Eager to finally get out of the chains he was bound to, Evan managed to convince his parents to say yes. London was were the Sinclairs were originally from before they moved to New York, so Evan's gone to visit London frequently to visit his relatives who lived there. Now though he had a feeling he was going to be there for a few more years. It was confirmed when he was given an invitation to start his education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alias :
Wand :
Blackthorn, Serpent Scale, 13 inches, Unyielding
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Co-Admin of Design
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Evan Sinclaire


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