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Age :
Birthday :
October 9th
Blood Status :
Hometown :
Harlington Springs, Ireland
Year :
Not Applicable
Play by :
Christina Ricci
Others :
Family :
Darcy parents were both big on quidditch and her mothers side of the family were all quidditch players. Her father runs his own business selling quidditch supplies. Her mother is a retired quidditch player for the Irish national team. Her eldest sister Alice is married to a muggle who works in the muggle army. Her younger sisters Lola, Charlotte and Harlow are all home educated by their mother. The family lost contact with Darcy during the second wizarding war and she still had no contact with them even now.
Autobiography :
Darcy did not have that many friends in school. She was a gothic girl who did not really socialize well. She adored quidditch and spent most of her free time on the pitch. She did not really feel like she belonged in her family so worked hard so she could get out of her small home town. She did well in her classes because she worked hard. However, things changed when she met Roger. He persuaded her to be more social, more inclined to spend time with others, and less obsessed with just achieving good grades and playing quidditch. She was committed to the relationship they had but she never really understood it.

Darcy managed to escape her home town when she graduated as she planned. She was asked to move in with Roger but was torn as she was not sure she wanted to. She did not end up having to make a choice because the second wizarding war prevented it being necessary. Darcy was determined to fight for Hogwarts the only place that ever felt like home to her. She put her love of the gothic and darker side of life to one side to fight for what she felt was the right side. Rather than the side people expected her to be on.

Darcy was given up for dead during the battle. However she was not dead merely unconscious. She came to and despite being injured managed to escape. She fled into the muggle world now the war was over and sought refuge with her sister Alice who had survived the war. Her sister Alice nursed her back to health and kept her safe until she was ready to face the world again. Darcy did not tell anyone that she was okay except Alice and her husband.

Darcy however wanted to once again be in the wizarding world. She also wanted to give something back to the school which had given her a home when she had none really elsewhere. So being healthy once more she turned to Hogwarts for a job. Darcy applied to be Herbology professor. Plants could have the love she could not give to Roger or her family. Plants and students.
Alias :
Wand :
Rosewood, Serpent Scale, 10 inches and surprisingly swishy
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Quidditch Broom(s) :
Herbology Prof.
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Darcy Harlow Cody


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