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Age :
Birthday :
May 31
Blood Status :
Hometown :
Year :
Not Applicable
Play by :
George Clooney
Others :
A white scar across the left cheek, not bad but visible. This scar also extends down one side of his neck across his left shoulder and chest.
Family :
Merida Thornewip - Sister - Lives in Brussels. Caius writes her weekly and they often visit via Floo Powder

Siamese, Blue eyes
Very friendly and gentle, this cat is Caius' companion. She stays close to her beloved master and delivers messages for him around the castle. This cat seems to understand the world around her and all she hears...she loves to let her beloved owner hold her, and will happily let any other students or professors welcomed to Caius' office hold her or pet her. She's always climbing about and exploring.
Autobiography :
Caius had a pretty standard life, growing up with a younger sister. Both children were magical by nature, their mother being a witch, and their father warmly accepted the Wizarding World with a kind of fascination and awe. He was invited to attend Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff; there the cheerful boy made a name for himself in the Defense against Dark Arts, using his skills often to show that not all Dark Arts were evil. He was a loyal friend to many and fiercely protective of his little sister, a genuinely happy soul with a goal - to help others.

Caius became an Auror after performing particularly well through his NEWTS - his determination and ability to focus made him a standout in the tests. He served as an Auror for many years; he hunted many dangerous criminals and aided wherever he could in protecting the Wizarding World, often putting himself in danger to protect his teammates. He was badly wounded when he took a curse to the chin and chest, splitting his cheek and chest open; he recovered in St Mungo's, but soon felt age catching up with him. His body couldn't quite keep up with all he wanted to do. He was eventually approached to join the Hogwarts staff as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Caius decided that he could help protect the children of the next generation by teaching them how to defend themselves; he happily agreed, eventually becoming the head of his own House as well.

Caius is a kind, quiet man who often comes across as fatherly. He encourages learning and won't stand for anyone to pass off his class as an 'easy' or 'required' course, and insists that attention be given to his lessons; that said, he tries to make them fun and involving on all levels of learning. He often keeps his office door open so people who need help can come and get it, and gives advice where he can; that said, he doesn't handle his own personal problems well and tends to be a tad overprotective of younger students. In a social setting he's lenient, wanting the kids to be kids; this can clash with other teachers wanting stricter settings or positions. He wants the kids to excel and be able to protect themselves and will do his best to help them reach that place.
Alias :
Prof, Cai to some friends
Wand :
Rowan, pliant, 15 inches, unicorn hair core
Pet :
Quidditch Broom(s) :
  • Cleansweep Eleven
Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor & Head of Hufflepuff
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Caius Thrussington


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