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Age :
Birthday :
July 12
Blood Status :
Hometown :
Spain or England depending on the time of year.
Year :
Not Applicable
Play by :
Ana de Armas
Others :
Catarina has a tattoo of cherry blossoms. They run from her left boob to her right thigh. She also has Angel and herself tattooed on her shoulder taken from a picture of them both sleeping on the floor after a night out. She has a tattoo of her best friend Aimee on her other shoulder.
Family :
Sophia and Anthony Hernandez were sixteen when they had their first child. They had a rocky start with a shot gun wedding and a marriage rife with arguments and resentment. Anthony Hernandez runs a business teaching water sports to children and beginners. He used to be a competitive racer. Sophia Hernandez is a stay-at-home mother. She and her husband, and a counselor, worked out their problems. They then went on to have many more children. Catarina always felt like an only child though because she had left for Hogwarts before the first of her younger siblings came along. She does not really know them. Despite the fact her parents have traditional Spanish Sunday's with the whole family even once Cat had left home, after Hogwarts.
Autobiography :
Catarina was use to her parents screaming at each other as a child. She spent most of the time sneaking out the house and spending time with her friends at the beach. Things changed when her Dad had his water skiing accident. He almost died. Her mother and father sought to work out their problems then. Catarina had however already determined she was going to rely on no-one but herself. So as soon as she got to Hogwarts she started looking into modeling. She did not get anywhere until she was sixteen. She used the modelling to fund starting her own business.

After Hogwarts she built her business from the ground up. She soon had a thriving company selling quidditch supplies. She also continued to model. During this time she conceived her daughter Rosalina with her long time best friend Angel. The couple had issues. Catarina had learned partying, abuse of alcohol and screaming at your life partner from her parents. However when she lost her daughter to social services she became determined to make things right. She got off the alcohol, kept her business alive, quit the partying and married Angel. Things were finally starting to go right.

During the war it changed. Catarina was muggle-born and she knew she was at risk. She gave up the buisiness and fled to Spain, where her parents still live, with her husband Angel to protect herself and her family. When the war was over Catarina had come out relatively unscathed. She had been forced to be strong for the sake of her family, despite loosing her best friend Aimee, because she knew her husband needed her to be strong. She was a little resentful that she was forced to be the strong one. However on the whole the family remained strong.

Catarina did not want to return to the world of quidditch supplies. The war had shown her a whole new side to the world. She decided for the sake of her daughter it was her duty to protect the next generation. To guide them and show them the right way to go. So no-one went so horribly wrong again. With this in mind, and with the bonus of being near her husband, Catarina applied for a position as a professor at Hogwarts.
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Home Magic & Muggle Economics
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Catarina Hernandez


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