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Age :
Birthday :
May 07
Blood Status :
Hometown :
Birmingham, England
Year :
Not Applicable
Play by :
Chris Colfer
Others :
Casey's birthmark is under his ear and the patch of skin has a rough outline comparable to a diamond. He has a burn mark courtesy of his older sister when he was 5 located on the back of his left elbow and a few scars littering his right leg from his time alone at 9.
Family :
Mother: Evangeline Aldridge (nee Wright) (42) -- Muggle -- Primary school teacher for English -- Missing
Father: Eric Aldridge (48) -- Pureblood -- Attorney for Magix & Meares Law Firm -- Deceased
Sister: Amanda Aldridge (17) -- Muggle -- Muggle Nurse -- Missing
Brother: Kyle Aldridge (2) -- Halfblood (showing early signs of magic) -- Missing
Paternal Grandfather: Roger Aldridge (70) -- Pureblood -- Retired Auror
Paternal Grandmother: Mary Ann Alridge (nee Pennington) (63) -- Pureblood -- Seamstress
Maternal Grandfather: Marco Wright (64) -- Muggle -- Mechanic
Maternal Grandmother: Leah Wright (nee Mitchells) (66) -- Muggle -- Actress
Autobiography :
Evaneline Wright was a muggle school teacher working at Harrison Primary when she met her to-be husband at the age of 20 years old. Her husband, Eric Aldridge, was only 23 at the time and working already as an intern to the elite Magix & Meares Law Firm during that time when he was visiting a squib to discuss a lawsuit against her claims of being attacked by a muggleborn.

By the time the Dark Lord's first defeat had come about, the couple had a one year old daughter named Amanda, born without magic. Eric continued to grow into an attorney at the Law Firm while his mother kept to her teaching. The couple often would travel around during the summers to show their only child the world until in 1986 when their firstborn son was brought to the world. With Casey and Amanda, they continued to live life to the fullest during the peaceful era. Casey was a spoiled little boy during the first half of his childhood at any rate.

Casey met a little girl named Grave when he was four and continued to remain best friends with her even now, often exchanging letters when possible when apart from her. By the time he was nine, the Dark Lord had risen in power once more. The couple was in despair, especially since his baby brother Kyle was born only few months prior to the public acknowledgement of the dark lord. His father resigned from his position as a lawyer and joined those fighting Voldemort, forcing his family into hiding during the two years of war.

Casey lived with his paternal grandparents while his mother, Amanda, and Kyle lived with her grandparents. His magic was the only thing that would keep him safe in the magical world, hence their separation. That and his grandparents did not want anything to do with his mother and the children who were not magical (they were unsure about Kyle's magic status seeing as he was an infant). Even after the defeat of the Dark Lord, Casey continues to live with his grandparents as there was no word about his mother and his father had been discovered deceased from the war. Casey has grown up never knowing his baby brother, though he remembers his mother and sister fondly. He tries his best to find their whereabouts when not studying under the tutelage of his grandparents. With his new life at Hogwarts approaching, Casey looks to the future with hope.
Alias :
Wand :
11" Willow, Unicorn Tail, Brittle
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  • Nimbus 2001
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Tyler; Owner of Prime
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Casey Aldridge

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