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June 24
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First Year
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Jennifer Lawrence
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For as long as anyone could remember the Nights were Dark. There was not a single Light member in the family. They were pure dark wizards and witches who were proud of their lineage. That was until Andrew Night came along. While Andrew himself was a Dark Wizard he allowed his other family members to make the choice of whether they would like to be Dark, Neutral or Light. Most of them chose Neutral, including his son, Jace Night.

Andrew's motto for the Night's was; 'Live to the fullest and don't regret a thing'. Ever since then every Night lived by that motto and continues to live by it.

Jace Night [Father]
Neveah Night nee Shaye [Mother]
Tommy Night [Eldest Brother]
Blake Night [2nd Eldest brother]

Jamie Night [Uncle]
Layla Night [Auntie]
Sarah Night [Auntie]

Blaine Shaye [Uncle]
Jane Shaye [Auntie]
Jamie Shaye [Cousin; Blakes and Jane's child]

Andrew Night [Grandfather]
Janette Night [Grandmother]

Sam Shaye [Grandfather; Deceased]
Bella Shaye [Grandmother; Deceased]

And many more...
Autobiography :
Aaliyah Night was born to Jace and Neveah Night on June 24th. She is the third and youngest child of Jace and Neveah and the only daughter. Being born the youngest and only daughter Aaliyah was always spoiled by her parents and older brothers and sometimes even shielded. As soon as Aaliyah turned 4 she started to show a quite mischievous nature; she always managed to slip away from her parents when they were out shopping in Diagon Alley and get into trouble, she loved to mess up her brothers bedrooms. It was the most basic of things though as time went by her mischievous nature grew.

Within time she was already starting to pull pranks on her older brothers and cousins, though they were basic and small as she was still too young to do anything more. She also started to annoy her family more with all the things she did. The few times that she got told off for being naughty and just down right mischievous she never listened and her family learned really quickly that no matter what they would do or say she wouldn't listen. She was also pretty good at hiding and not being caught doing the pranks on her older brothers and cousins.

Though despite her mischievous nature, Aaliyah was a smart girl for her age. She was quick to catch on as to what she was being taught and most of the time it only took her two or three times to get something right. Though her parents’ told her that she wasn't Ravenclaw material because, unlike most Ravenclaw’s she had to be told to read and she would never ever be caught with her book in her face.

As well as being mischievous and smart, Aaliyah was brutally honest towards everyone. Her words, though still that of a young child, were blunt and honest to the core. She didn't care if you were a stranger, family or friend to her, she spoke her mind out to you, not caring for the consequences that might happen.

Ever since she could remember she always wished to join Hogwarts and be just like her parents; a witch that they could be proud of. Her wish came true when she received her letter for Hogwarts, asking if she would like to join.
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Cherry tree with Unicorn tail hair core, nine and a half inches, pliant
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Aaliyah Night

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