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Age :
Birthday :
May 24th
Blood Status :
Hometown :
Year :
First Year
Play by :
Matthew Gray Gubler
Others :
Deaf in his right ear; has a nervous twitch because of this. He doesn't want people to find out about his defect and make fun of him for it. He has years of practice hiding it from others.
Family :
Non-magical parents and a sister who might have magic, but hasn't shown any signs of it. Evie, his little sister, is only four. His parents, James and Effy, are 32 and 31 respectively. Effy, short for Persephone, but hates her full name, is superstitious and has always believed in ghosts, witches, etc. Her husband, James, is more of the type to not believe in anything that he cannot see.
Autobiography :
Born to James and Effy Reed, Aaron enjoyed a life that a normal person would have. He grew up in the rather medium sized town of Dublin, Ireland, but moved from there when he was around five-seven because of all the 'terrorist activity' that was going on in and around big and small towns. Fearing for the lives of their children, James and Effy moved way out into the countryside into their aunt's house, which was a remote location near the cliffs. Cliffs of Dover, Aaron liked to call them when he was younger. When it appeared that the terrorist activity was spreading, James and Effy took their children, Evie was two and Aaron was nine, out to California to take a small vacation. While there, Aaron befriended another boy at a summer camp and they occasionally wrote to each other when Aaron moved back out to the Cliffs of Dover a year later. When he started displaying signs of magic [nearly falling off the cliff while magic propelled him back, tossing things around his room without even touching them when he was angry] his parents were scared and had no idea what to do. If wasn't until they received a magical visitor who told them what Aaron was - a wizard. They soon found out that the 'terrorists' weren't so at all, at least, not to the Muggle world. They were magical people who were out for blood, and when news returned to them that they had been defeated, they all moved back to Dublin and tried to return to some normalcy. Or at least, as normal as you could get when your son was a wizard. Aaron's sister, Evie, was blocked from most of this because his parents were still wary of magic. She still doesn't know her big brother can do powerful things, and she thinks he's just going to a new school. Aaron often worries that he can't write home because the owl might scare his parents. He's taken to magic better than he thought he would, and he has high hopes for his sister Evie. He wants her to be a part of his magical world too.
Alias :
Wand :
Rowan wood, Pegasus Wing Feather core, 9 inches, quite flexible
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Aaron Reed

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1st year
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