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The Battle of Hogwarts took place just months ago and with it, the end of Voldemort's second reign of terror. Magical creatures are scarcely found around the United Kingdom and Muggleborns are nearly depleted in numbers. Purebloods are almost just as bad off, as it would seem Halfbloods survived the best in odds.

After much debate with the new Ministry of Magic, new classes have been added and some old ones removed. The school has finally reopened after months of rebuilding, and students will return to hopefully rekindle the magical school to its former glory. Hogwarts will never be the same again, or will it? The new generation of students have arrived. The year 1998 will hopefully be a better year than the past few.

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Herbology Lesson One

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Herbology Lesson One

Post by Darcy Harlow Cody on Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:51 am

Darcy flicked her wand and writing began to appear on the blackboard behind her. As it appeared she addressed the class before her.

"Today we will be learning about the plant 'Aconite.' It is usually considered to be boring compared to other plants. However in today's lesson we are going to learn that this relatively innocent plant has several very important uses. Though can we please note I am not using my time taking people to the hospital wing or writing letters to explain to parents why their child is dead. So kindly refrain from eating the plant, eating anything that comes from the plant or rubbing the plant on any exposed sores or cuts."

Darcy pushed the plant she had on her desk to the front so they could view it. She had a set of the plants in pots at the front to one side on a small desk. She then continued with her lesson introduction.

"Right come forward and collect a plant and take it back to your space. Then you are going to begin the process of extracting the oil. Instructions are on the board. However for those who feel they cannot process written instructions let me explain. You carefully cut open the side of the stem, without cutting yourself on the thorns or killing the plant, and allow the oil to seep out into a dish. You then allow the plant to heal itself. "

Darcy was happy with what she had said. She believed she had made it clear and concise. She concluded.

"This oil can be used for muscle pain and joint problems. It also has other uses when combined with other plants. For today's homework I want a 300 words on the distinctive flower of the aconite plant, the two other names for the plant and the other potential uses of the plant including what is created when you mix the plant with such substances as belladonna. Homework is due before next lesson."

"You may begin."

All grown up - but feeling like a child.

Darcy Harlow Cody


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