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The Battle of Hogwarts took place just months ago and with it, the end of Voldemort's second reign of terror. Magical creatures are scarcely found around the United Kingdom and Muggleborns are nearly depleted in numbers. Purebloods are almost just as bad off, as it would seem Halfbloods survived the best in odds.

After much debate with the new Ministry of Magic, new classes have been added and some old ones removed. The school has finally reopened after months of rebuilding, and students will return to hopefully rekindle the magical school to its former glory. Hogwarts will never be the same again, or will it? The new generation of students have arrived. The year 1998 will hopefully be a better year than the past few.

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Rising With The Darkness

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Rising With The Darkness

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:45 am

It’s been fifteen years since that battle at Hogwarts. Fifteen years, and everyone thinks that the purists have been almost wiped out. It’s been a quiet fifteen years, no hate crimes, most Death Eaters giving themselves up, or left to their own devices once they give up on their hopes of a pure race. With Harry Potter in the Auror program, his kids at Hogwarts, well, it’s safe to say everyone has been lulled into a sense of security.

That’s about to change.

Sofia Leonne, a powerful witch who was a very faithful follower of Voldemort during her school years, watched as the population of purist grew. She was a very bright young girl, and upon graduating, she tossed herself immediately into the ranks of the Death Eaters. She was among those who fled from the United Kingdom after the Battle. She flew to Norway, going off the radar but never fully giving up on her dream. She would bring the Death Eaters back! They would purify the world, but first, she’d start with a school. She worked her way up in the ranks of the nearby school, Durmstrang. Befriending Riku Kanesaka and making him her second in command was her first step. Soon, they started working together, recruiting students, building an army. And then she got promoted. Now, Sofia Leonne is the Deputy Headmistress of Durmstrang, one of the most powerful witches in all of Norway. She stands so close to her goal, all she needs is her army to rise. To rise with the darkness that will take over Norway, and soon.. The world.

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