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The Battle of Hogwarts took place just months ago and with it, the end of Voldemort's second reign of terror. Magical creatures are scarcely found around the United Kingdom and Muggleborns are nearly depleted in numbers. Purebloods are almost just as bad off, as it would seem Halfbloods survived the best in odds.

After much debate with the new Ministry of Magic, new classes have been added and some old ones removed. The school has finally reopened after months of rebuilding, and students will return to hopefully rekindle the magical school to its former glory. Hogwarts will never be the same again, or will it? The new generation of students have arrived. The year 1998 will hopefully be a better year than the past few.

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Hate Me

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Hate Me

Post by Jensen Ryde on Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:29 pm

"Oi!" Yelled Jensen to the barkeep who seemed to be ignoring her. Just the thought of being ignored set her blood boiling. Slamming her left hand on the bar she yelled again, "Oi!" The barkeep turned and when recognition sunk in she knew exactly why she was being ignored.

"Mac." She greeted.

"Jenny" He responded.

"You know I do not go by that name, nor do I like it being used." The bitterness of her words floated off her tongue like a snakes venom. Exactly what she was, a snake....

"And you know that I'm not going to give you what you are seeking." Mac moved to turn his back towards her but Jensen quickly grabbed his arm stopping him from doing just that.

"Why? You're a barkeep, no?" Her eyebrow raised as if challenging him, almost begging him to egg the fight further.

"That I am, Jen. That also means that I can refuse whoever I want service."

Jensen wasn't expecting that answer, however it did not mean she was not without proper comeback... "Maclemore Sullivan! You're not letting me have a drink because I am a woman?

The man who's morals were in question just rolled his eyes in response. "I wouldn't be the one to allow you to fall off the wagon."

"How do you know I'm even still on the wagon?"

Mac sighed. "I do not know, however I will not sell you what you are seeking simply because I made him a promise that I would not..."

Her blood turned to ice, her heart seemed to stop, air refused to enter or exit her lungs. She was frozen in time at the mention of him. He didn't even have to speak his name and Mac knew better than to do that. He valued his life a little too much for that. He knew Jensen's temperament all too well.

"Three months." She said through gritted teeth. "Three bloody months, since I've taken a drink."  And with that she spun around in search for some unsuspecting fool who would buy her one for her.
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