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A Good Girl

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A Good Girl

Post by Roz Turner on Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:57 am

“Father, one of your stupid owls is here.”

Roz perked from where she was sitting, playing with Henry and waking him up. The smell of coffee was filling the house, she rather enjoyed the scent – murky and musky and warm. She tilted her head blindly, looking for her glasses. She couldn't see without them, but Will said that there was an owl, she wanted to see it?

“Don't get your knickers in a twist, Rosamind. It's gone.”

“Don't call me that,” she protested quietly, smiling to her brother despite the hurt as her fingers searched for her glasses. “I'm Roz, you know that.”

“Your name is Rosamind. I'll call you what I want.” His steps echoed to the other side of the small kitchen, and she frowned. He'd been this way since Mummy left....she sighed, then heard Henry giggle and made a face at him, smiling.

Her father's footsteps echoed around her. “Roz, darling, your glasses are on the table to your le---William, put those back, she needs those.”

“Right, because she's so normal she can't see without them.”

“She can't, she's legally blind, you know that.”

“Blind as a bat, bats in her belfry. We should just call her Batty.”

“You leave your sister alone and give her her bloody glasses....please, William.” Her father's voice was warm despite the sternness in it, a firm, warm campfire in comparison to Will's frozen dark chocolate. It had used to be so happy and warm, but now it was like he stuck it in a freezer, clipped and brittle.

Her glasses fell into her hand. “It's not like she could see without your bloody magical voodoo anyways.”

“Language, William.”

“You just said it!”

“But I am your father, an adult. You are still my son, still in my house.”

“I should have begged to go with Mum!” She heard shifting and stomping, and Henry whimpered. Roz slipped her glasses on, and the blurred shapes gave way to her brother's worried face, his fearful eyes finding hers. She smiled and pet his hair, glancing over to William – his face was cold, eyes staring at his porridge silently. She sighed and took a sip of her milk, then went to feeding Henry with soft coos as the crinkling sound of paper filled the room – her father was retrieving the letter.

“....it's for you, Roz.”

She perked, looking towards him confusedly, leaving Henry whining as her hand paused halfway to his mouth with a spoonful of porridge. She quickly slipped the bite into his mouth, standing to go to her father's side. She never got mail like this from owls, just in the mailbox from her school with her homeschooling packets. Were they upset with her about her accidentally making her hair turn colors again? She had been studying her papa's books, learning to focus so she didn't do anything crazy anymore, but she still struggled with her hair....it liked to change when her emotions got strong or changed suddenly...

She lightly took the letter, looking at the beautiful, thin script. Miss Rosamind Lynn Turner, Room Under the Stars, Number 39, Ipswich. She was caught off guard by that, eyes widening. She slept in the old observatory room – their house was a refurbished research lab – and there were a few glass panels in her ceiling, letting her see the stars. Room Under the Stars... “Papa, how do they know my room is under the stars?”

“Because they're magic, sweetheart....and this is a very special letter.”

She looked up to him – his smile was small but proud, loving, and her heart swelled. “Really?”

“Bloody freaks....”

“William, hush. Go ahead, Roz, open it.”

She carefully pulled open the seal, unfolding her letter. “Dear Miss Turner, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted....to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.”

A school of witchcraft! A magical school! Joy filled her, and she turned to her father. “Papa, may I go? Please, please may I go? I could learn and study and my hair won't be so freaky and maybe I can show---” She bit off her words, knowing William wouldn't like that.

He was already mad. “Great, Father, ship her off and make her stay. Gets her out of our hair.”

“William, go to your room!” He said fiercely as she wilted under his words. Why was he being so mean...? He stomped out, slamming the door, but she didn't turn. Her father came to her side, Henry on his hip. “He doesn't understand, Rosamind.....he's sad about your mum, and he doesn't understand. Because he can't feel the magic.”

“Papa, Henry can.”

“I know, dear. I recognize the signs from you.”

“I can see the nomeys!” He supplied happily.

“I know, baby boy.” She cooed, then looked to her father, gray eyes solemn. “Papa, I want to learn more so I can show Mummy I'm a good girl. Then I can show her and Will the magic, and maybe they'll smile at me again.”

His face filled with sadness. “Roz....” He reached out, embracing his little daughter. “You are a good girl, and it's not your fault. It's mine for not telling your mother who I was....and I regret that.”

“No regrets, Papa,” she scolded, then smiled. “I can prove I'm a good girl, and then things will get better!”

His smile held sadness for some reason, but he smiled. “Of course you can go, darling. Hogwarts is a wonderful school, and you're quite bright – I know you'll do well.”

“Yay! Yay, Papa, yay yay yay!” She leapt around in absolute joy, happy and giggling. She didn't even care that her tips, which had been green to match her dress, were silver with joy. She'd learn to control them! She'd learn to be a good magician! And then everything would be okay.

She could make everything better.
Roz Turner


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Re: A Good Girl

Post by Aidan Turner on Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:29 pm

dancin Love it!
Aidan Turner


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